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At Discount Roof, we have spent years honing our craft. From skilled roof repair and siding installation to effective attic insulation and gutter repair, we are your one-stop shop for exterior home remodeling. Our team is trained, experienced, and efficient. And, we’re ready to serve you today! 

Reach out today for your FREE estimate on roofing services or other exterior home remodeling services.

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With Discount Roof, you are always guaranteed:

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With 30+ years in the industry, we believe we have a grasp on what it takes to provide quality home improvements at a reasonable cost. We operate on the key word of “integrity”.


What started in 1989 as a Log Cabin construction company in Indiana and Kentucky, gradually turned into an all phase remodeling company. Tapping into the experience and resources of over 200 other contractors, our circle of friends in the industry, adding one construction phase at a time and one customer at a time, we have learned what it takes to be a professional home remodeling company. We are not a franchise; we are a growing company under 1 layer of uncompromised values. Our offices are not flashy, some might even say modest, but we do not want to add the cost of flashy offices to your home improvement project, hence our name. Our district sales managers and district project managers are carefully selected on experience, integrity, and are managed by the same set of rules created 30 years ago. Every member of a Discount Roof Inc. crew is trained and certified in their task at hand. That starts with respect for the homeowner and their property. No one in this industry is perfect, however, we strive for perfection, and we have a corporate goal of less than 1% call back for issues. We try to do it right the first time.


We tell it like it is. There are no numbers published on which company might be most referred when it comes to the unexpected insurance claim, by insurance companies or homeowners, but we think we are near the top. Storm chasers have cluttered the market place and do not care about workmanship or integrity. Their motto is to do as much as they can, as quickly as they can, and as cheap as possible hoping it will last past the point of warranty, and then get out of town. We are not that company. Often we are asked by insurance companies to give a second opinion, an honest assessment of what damage is there or not there, and we are happy to do so. Our people are well trained on what to look for, and again, integrity is most important to us.


Our longevity is due to our mission of ensuring peace-of-mind for each and every customer through exceptional service. At Discount Roof Inc. we believe in always doing what’s right. Always! In our minds, there are no shortcuts to excellence. You’ll find us delivering on our promises and exceeding your expectations is part of our core values. And we have no problem shouting it from the rooftops. The very rooftops we take pride in installing. How’s that for conviction?