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Call the professionals at Discount Roof for claim assistance, as well as expert roof repair & roof replacement services.

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The average homeowner files 2.3 homeowner’s claims in their entire lifetime. It can be a stressful time when the unexpected happens. We handle insurance claims on average 10 times per day, and can walk you through the process and do most of the work for you. 

We have a five step process when it comes to claims, and our years of experience and the integrity with the way we work has helped us build relationships in the insurance industry because they know we are going to do things with the utmost integrity. We partner with many of the same companies that the insurance industry uses to expedite claims in a timely manner.


First we do a comprehensive evaluation of what the issue is. Our sales team has continuing education classes every year to make them the most qualified team when it comes to storm damage, fire damage, or accidental damage in the industry. If a major storm came through your neighborhood, make Discount Roof Inc. your first call before you call the insurance company. We will tell you honestly if you need to file a claim or not. Contractors that are storm chasers are going to tell you that you have storm damage no matter what, frustrating insurance companies and making homeowners that have real damage have to fight for compensation. Storm chasers will have a paper for you to sign; we do not recommend you do that! If they want your signature before they do anything, what type of company is that? They are locking you into something that you might not get out of. And remember, a storm chaser is only there as long as there is work, then they leave taking all warranties with them. Good luck getting them back out if you have an issue.

Second, if you have damage we will walk you through the process. We will have you file a claim correctly and report what damage we see. Many times because of the relationship we have with many insurance companies, they deal directly with us for the claim, and never even make the trip themselves.

Third, we will meet your insurance adjuster on site to go over what damage there is. We work with adjusters daily and know what they look for.

Fourth, we go over the claim with you and put all the work into work orders to make the repairs necessary. We only use top quality products when we complete insurance work. It is our intention to make your home look better than it did before the damage occurred.

Fifth, we complete all paperwork necessary after completion of work to settle up with your insurance company. We try to make the bad situation as painless as possible.