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Roof Repair & Replacement

A tiny leak can be a huge annoyance, which is why no repair is too small for Discount Roof Inc. Plus, our roof maintenance plans are designed to make sure small issues never lead to bigger ones.
When you're in a fix, we're the ones to fix it.
Nothing lasts forever. That includes your roofing system. Years of exposure to the elements can take a toll on any roof. But that does not always mean you need to go through a complete roof replacement. In many cases a well-planned, professionally done roof repair will restore the integrity of your roofing system and reestablish its ability to protect what is most important to you.
Home Roof Repair - New Roof - New Shingles
Discount Roof Inc. has been able to help countless homeowners and commercial property owners to restore and reinvigorate their roofs by making timely repairs. It can often be a way to add years of life to a roof, and to ensure you will continue to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you have a Discount Roof Inc. roof over your head.
Roof Repairs from Discount Roof Inc.

Leak Repair

Where you see it leaking usually isn’t where it started. We’re experienced at tracking the source of your leak and making sure the problem is fixed the first time.

Hail & Wind Damage

Whether your shingles are pitted from hail or missing altogether from high winds, Discount Roof Inc. should be your first call. We’ll fix it right and be here tomorrow to stand behind our work. We’ll even assist in the Insurance Claims process, and are recognized as one of the companies with the most integrity when it comes to handling storm damage claims.

Wood Rot

Often, when water gets under shingles, it can cause the plywood decking or fascia boards to rot. We can detect soft spots and make sure what’s under those shingles is as good as the shingles themselves.

Ice Damage

Ice and snow over the course of a winter can cause real issues on your roof. We offer solutions to repair damage to your roof caused by ice damming, as well as prevention measure to keep ice dams from forming on your roof.