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Leaking Roof? Here’s What You Can Do


Have you noticed water dripping from your ceiling? Or maybe there’s staining at the top of your interior walls? Have you seen damp spots in your attic, or are you missing many shingles? Whatever you’ve found, one thing is certain: Your roof is leaking. Now what do you do?

Don’t worry! Discount Roof is here to help you diagnose and fix your leaking roof. Read on to understand the symptoms of a leaky roof, how a roof leak can damage your home, and what you can do once you discover that your roof is leaking. We will help you navigate your way to a quick, dependable roof leak repair for your property.

leaking roof leaves wet spot on ceilings

How Do You Know If You Have a Leaking Roof?

Sometimes, a leaking roof can go unnoticed for quite some time. Other times, a roof leak becomes apparent very quickly. Whichever scenario is true for you, there are a few ways to tell that you may have a leaking roof overhead. Here are a few indications that you have a leaky roof:

  1. Staining on your ceilings & interior walls.
    As water drips from your roof, it has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, since there is a hole in your roof, the water is going to move inside of your home. It can drip into your attic, ceilings, and walls. When this happens, you will often see discoloration and damp spots on your ceilings and upper interior walls.
  2. Dripping from your attic or ceilings.
    When water accumulates, you may notice it begin to drip from your ceiling. There may also be visible or audible dripping in your attic. If you see or hear dripping while it rains, there is a high probability that you are facing a leaking roof.
  3. Mold, mildew, & fungi growth on your exterior walls.
    When your roof is leaking, it allows water to accumulate in many places. This can include the outside of your home. If you see mold growth on your outdoor walls, you may be facing a leaky roof.
  4. Warped or damaged shingles.
    If you have many missing, broken, or bent shingles on your roof, you likely have weakened points that may allow water to leak through your roof. Damaged shingles can allow water to reach the deeper parts of your roof that are not waterproof. Then, water can enter your home.

Though it is sometimes difficult to detect or pinpoint a leaking roof, there are often many indications that you’ve got one. If you see any of the above symptoms on your property, you should call a professional roofing company, like Discount Roof, right away for a detailed roof inspection. Then, you can receive quick and effective roof leak repair for your home or business.

What Causes a Leaky Roof?

If you are facing signs of a leaking roof, you may be wondering what causes it. Well, the truth is, there are many reasons that a roof could be leaking. From old age to poor construction, there are many possibilities. Here are a few:

  1. Advanced age. One of the most common reasons for a leaking roof is that the roof is aging. As a roof gets older, the roofing materials grow weaker. This naturally occurs, which is why routine roof inspections and maintenance are so important for homeowners.
  2. Missing or damaged shingles. Sometimes the culprit is the shingles, or the lack thereof. Wind, rain, ice, snow, and other weather conditions can often cause damage to the shingles of your roof. When the shingles are missing or broken, your roof is weakened and can begin to leak.
  3. Poorly sealed seams. Most roofs have many seams. Whether around skylights, vent holes, valleys in the roof, or something else, a properly sealed seam is vital to the strength and protection of a roof. If a roof was poorly constructed, you may see leaking around these seams.
  4. Roof damage. There are many things that can weaken your roof. From tree limbs falling to outdoor pests making a nest, your roof can take a lot of damage. Luckily, your roof typically works well to protect your home from all of these outdoor elements. However, when your roof suffers damage, you are likely to develop a leak.
  5. Clogged gutters. With clogged gutters, water can remain on your roof instead of flowing off correctly. While your roof is designed to be protected from water as it runs off, most roofs are not able to handle standing water. When your gutters are clogged, they keep water on your roof, and this water can then penetrate below your shingles and begin to leak into your home. Though gutters are meant to drain water, clogged gutters can actually contribute to your roof leaking.

A leaky roof can be caused by many issues. Whether your roof recently took damage or it’s simply getting older, you may be facing a leaking roof. Whatever the cause, the most important thing now is that you act quickly to have your roof repaired. Without rapid roof leak repairs, your home and its inhabitants are put at risk.

Why Are Leaking Roofs Hazardous?

There are many complications associated with a leaking roof. From health hazards to property damage, a leaky roof can truly be devastating. One of the most obvious problems associated with your roof leaking is water damage.

When moisture accumulates under your roof, in your attic, and in your home, it can destroy the materials used to build your house. Water is especially damaging to wood structures. As the leak progresses, water accumulates on the wooden components of your home and begins to permeate the wood. The water gets into the fibers of the wood and causes softening and rotting. This leads to inadequate support for your home.

Besides causing rotting and damage to your home structure, water accumulation also facilitates mold growth. While the mold can damage your home, it can do more than that as well. Mold can ruin any belongings in your home and also cause health problems for anyone living on your property. For many people, mold causes persistent allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, congestion, etc. However, some people have much more severe reactions and can develop lung infections as well. Mold growth due to a leaking roof can be devastating to your house, belongings, and anyone living in the home.

Unfortunately, a leaking roof can cause more issues than just those associated with water damage, like rotting wood and mold growth. A leaky roof also allows water to get into areas that contain electrical wiring. Within many ceilings and walls, electric wires and devices are hidden. When your roof is leaking, water can drip into these areas, where it can create a fire hazard when it reaches these electrical components. A leaking roof puts you at risk for an electrical fire on your property.

While there are many dangers associated with a leaking roof, there are also other problems that can arise when your roof is leaking. For example, a leaky roof means that you have a hole somewhere on top of your house. This can lead to heat escaping from your home, causing higher energy costs. To keep your energy bill low and your home protected, rapid roof leak repair is essential.

Overall, a leaking roof can cause a wide variety of complications. From water damage to health and fire hazards to rising energy costs, a leaky roof brings many problems. Now that you understand these issues, let’s discuss what you can do after you find that your roof is leaking.

Is There Anything You Can Do When Your Roof is Leaking?

The main thing you can do once you discover a leaking roof is to protect your home and belongings until you can have professional roof leak repair. Here’s a to-do list that helps you ensure that your property and belongings are safest until you call in the local roofing company.

  • Contain the water. Grab buckets. Grab trash cans. Grab whatever you can that will catch and collect the leaking water. This helps protect your home and belongings from further damage.
  • Move any belongings away from the leak. To prevent water damage to your belongings, keep everything away from the leak. Furniture, books, equipment, electronics, and anything else should be moved. Whatever is near the leak, get it out of the way.
  • Document! Take photos of anything damaged by the leak, including parts of your home and your belongings. Keep track of everything that took damage so that you have thorough documentation for your homeowner’s insurance. This ensures you can receive compensation for anything ruined by your leaking roof.
  • Tarp your roof, if possible. If it is not a hazard for you, you can temporarily place a tarp over the leaking section of your roof to keep rainwater off until your roof leak repair is complete. If you are able to identify the problem area, a tarp can keep additional water from entering your home. The tarp should cover several feet around the weakened spot to prevent further leaking.
  • Call in the professional roofers! The most important step is immediately calling a local roofing company. The sooner you call, the sooner they can get to you to repair your leaking roof. At Discount Roof, we provide rapid, effective roof leak repairs for any home or business. If your roof is leaking, call us now for a quick and efficient roof leak repair in Northwest Indiana!

In Conclusion

There are many indications that your roof is leaking. From stained ceilings and walls to mold growth and dripping water, a leaky roof can wreak havoc on your property. Roof leaking can be caused by a number of factors, including age-related wear and tear, as well as improperly sealed seams throughout your roof. Whatever the cause and effects, the most important thing to remember about a leaking roof is that you must act quickly to prevent significant damage.

Once you discover a leaking roof on your home or business, you have to get into action. First, do what you can to control the leak. Find a bucket to catch the water. Move your belongings. Place a tarp over the weak point. Then, immediately call in a professional roofing contractor. The most dependable, durable roof leak repairs come from highly skilled roofing professionals.

If you’ve got a leaky roof, don’t delay! Act now before you end up with severe mold growth and damage to the structure of your home. Have your leaking roof repaired today.

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Call in a Professional Roofing Contractor for Immediate Roof Leak Repair

If you have a leaking roof in Northwest Indiana, give Discount Roof a call today! We offer rapid, affordable roof leak repair throughout the region. Our team is highly skilled and qualified to locate and mend your roof. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and are able to quickly locate the source of your leaking roof so that we can provide the best roofing repair solutions for you. With us, you will see quick, long-lasting results. To protect your home and belongings, call Discount Roof today!