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Roof Replacement Costs – What Can You Expect?


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A house is the biggest investment most people make in their lifetime. And with that house comes many additional expenses, including roof replacement. A functional roof is imperative to maintaining the structure and functionality of your home. Therefore, roof maintenance is vital. However, many people also fear roof replacement because of the associated costs. So, let’s break down the cost of roof replacement.

How much does roof replacement cost? Well, the national average cost for roof replacement on a home is around $8,000 to $9,000. In Indiana, most people pay between $5,500 and $12,000 to have their roof replaced. This number can be daunting, but there are several factors that influence the roof replacement cost. Read on to understand those factors and determine how Discount Roof can help you finance your roof replacement services.

What Contributes to Roof Replacement Cost?

There are many factors that determine the cost of your home roof replacement. From materials to labor to access, roof replacement costs tend to vary from house to house. Explore some of the factors that influence the cost of roof replacement below.


      • Type of Materials Utilized

        Asphalt shingles, which are a popular choice, are a less expensive material for roofing. Some other materials, such as galvanized steel, may be similar in price. But, some materials are far more expensive. If you are looking for a slate, stone, copper, or stainless steel roof, you will be paying much more for your roof replacement than someone wanting asphalt shingles. Materials are one of the biggest factors in determining the cost of your roof replacement.

      • Size of the Home

        Besides materials, the other significant cost factor in roof replacement is the size of your home. The more square footage of your home, the larger the roof surface area. The greater surface area of the roof means a higher price for roof replacement. A bigger home will have a more expensive roof replacement than a smaller home.

      • Preparation of the Roof

        Another factor that influences your roof replacement cost is the preparation that must be completed before the new roofing materials can be placed. This can include the removal of old shingles, restoration of damaged sections underneath the old roofing, and more. If more repairs are needed, the cost may increase. The age of the roof may also contribute here, as older roofs tend to need more repair work and labor to remove aged materials.

      • Pitch of the Roof

        The slope (or pitch) of your roof will also contribute to the cost. A greater slope (meaning your roof is steep) creates a higher safety hazard for the roofers. This may require the use of additional safety equipment. A steeper roof may raise the cost of roof replacement.

      • Permits Needed

        Many areas require permitting for roof replacement. The cost of the permit may be a flat rate in your area, or it may be relative to the size and condition of your roof. Whichever is the case, permitting costs can fluctuate and cause the roof replacement cost to differ as well.

      • Number of Openings in the Roof

        The more openings the crew has to work around, the higher the cost will be. Each ventilation, chimney, skylight, or other hole in the roof requires additional materials and labor for the roofing crew. If your home has many outlets on your roof, you may be looking at a more expensive roof replacement.

    So, How Will You Know The Cost of Your Roof Replacement?

    Because there are so many factors that influence the cost of your roof replacement, the best way to get an accurate figure is by scheduling a consultation with a roofing company. They can come to your home, inspect your roof, determine what resources and labor will be needed, and provide you with an estimate. This will allow you to understand the options for materials and financing, as well as prepare for the roof replacement process.

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